About the Nor-Cal Goats

“A friendship organization that gathers socially to enjoy Pontiac GTOs.”


The Nor-Cal Goats are a relatively new addition to the GTO Association of America, but the roots of the club go back a few years to when the ’04 GTO was released. At the time, many GTO clubs weren’t sure what to do with the new cars. The existing club in the Bay Area chose to exclude them leaving us to create our own group.

Out of that experience, one of the key ideals of the club evolved – any Pontiac is welcome. This includes ’64-’74 GTOs as well as the late model ’04-’06 cars and even the distant relative G8. We’ve even been known to associate with a few F-bodies. Bottom line, if you have a Pontiac or like Pontiacs you are welcome to join us.

In June 2009 we became the 45th Chapter of the GTOAA making us the only chapter North of Inland Empire, CA and South of Oregon. Although a majority of our members are in the Bay Area and Sacramento, we have members as far South as Merced and as far North as Redding.

We hold quarterly official meetings at rotating locations around the Bay Area. In between official meetings are frequent events and informal get togethers. Larger events are listed on the events calendar, while smaller gatherings are often posted in the Northwest section of ls1gto.com.

If you’d like to understand the nuts and bolts of how we operate, our bylaws are available.


2013 Officers

President/Treasurer: Jon Maier
Vice-President/Multimedia Director: Todd Corzett
Secretary: Jonathan (JJ) Harris
Activities Director: Jason Hall