The end of the year is packed with holidays that can make travel a nightmare, but it’s always enjoyable to get out for a cruise with the Nor-Cal Goats!

A group of us met-up in Saratoga and headed out into towards Santa Cruz.

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The roads in the South Bay hills are really some of the best in the Country. At times there can be some annoying traffic, but today most of the people were courteous and pulled aside when they saw us approaching.

Normally we would have driven North on Skyline Dr. to Alice’s before turning onto La Honda Rd. for the journey to Pescadero Creek Rd. At the suggestion of one of those going on the cruise, and because we didn’t have a big group, we decided to take Alpine Rd. instead.

Several of us had never driven Alpine Rd. before, but based on the Google Street View anticipated it to be quite tight/twisty… boy was it! While there was a painted center line, the road was only one-and-a-half lanes wide. Fortunately there was zero traffic on the road (not another car or even a bicycle)! While it was fun, the road was a bit too tight/twisty for a large car like a GTO/G8.

Pescadero Creek Rd. is truly the ideal place for our cars to play… perfect pavement and fast sweeping corners. This trip we were no cars to slow us down and we made great time! We made such great time that we had to wait a couple extra minutes at Highway 1 for one of the GTOs that was meeting-up with us after work. We took the opportunity to take some photos and talk-shop about our cars.

When we first arrived at the coast it was fairly cool and overcast, but it didn’t take long for the sun to burn through the clouds and really make the scenery beautiful.There is nothing line a sunny day driving down Highway 1 to make you realize why you live in California!

Once the final GTO arrived we headed out along Highway 1 towards Santa Cruz.

The plan was to simply drive along the coast into Santa Cruz, but we found ourselves stuck behind some slow cars/trucks. Someone suggested we take an alternate route, so they went to the head of the pack and took the lead.

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The improvised route was very enjoyable, definitely roads that deserve to be driven again!

Due to the detour we were running a little behind schedule, but that just made lunch that much better. We stopped at a small BBQ joint that has a really incredible menu. The Tri-Tip Sandwitch with garlic fries was delicious!

Everyone who attended the cruise seemed to be happy with the way the day turned-out. The choice of roads, planned and improvised, combined with the good weather made for a very enjoyable drive.