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Dyno Day T-Shirt

Pre-orders closed Sunday, April 28th at 11:59pm.



NCG First Quarter Meeting

Date/Time: April 28th (Sunday) @ 10:30am
Location: On the Border (4940 Dublin Blvd., Dublin, Ca 94568)

This meeting is for all members, pending members and anyone with a potential interest in the club.

Please RSVP on if you plan on attending; indicating if you are bringing guests and how many.

The restaurant will NOT split the bill so everyone needs to bring cash! Thank you in advance for stopping at an ATM beforehand.

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Norcal LSX Dyno Day

Today we went to the Norcal LSX Dyno Day at TPS Motorsports and had a really good time with a very nice group of guys. There were a lot of cars from Corvettes to Trans Am’s; Camaros as well as GTOs.


Big thanks to Rigo and Mickey for setting up the event and inviting the Nor-Cal Goats! The food was nice and the conversations with the members of LSX were very friendly.


We had a good conversation with a Camaro owner on how he did an engine removal. He was very knowledgeable and offered a lot of good information on pulling the engine from F bodied cars. We also exchanged info on Camshafts and other bolt on Mods as well.

One car that caught our eye was an old school Corvette that went on the Dyno as well. The owner was very nice and we chatted about his Vette and he also asked about our Goats as well.


Jorge, a Nor-Cal Goat member, put his car on the Dyno for the first time ever!


He was happy with the results with given the mods installed, but it already sounds like more upgrades are in the works. Thanks to Ray and Jeff for letting Jorge take their spots on the Dyno list, this run should be a good “baseline” for some before-and-after comparisons. Time for another Nor-Cal Goats Mod Day!

It was a very fun day and hopefully we can do this type of joint club event with them again in the future. TPS Motorsports was a very enjoyable place to have a Dyno Day; we can hardly wait to come back for the 5th Annual NCG Spring Dyno Day in a couple weeks weeks!

Camaro’s & GTO’s: Folsom Lake Meet

Today was the first, of hopefully many, GTO and Camaro get-togethers. The meeting location was at the Folsom Sports Garage around 1pm, which was nice for those who were making the drive from the Bay Area.


The turnout was good, with a total of three Camaros, four GTO’s, and a G8. Most members were from Sacramento or the East Bay, but the diehard award goes to the member who drove from Tracy to Dublin, to Concord, to Folsom!

After car and driver introductions, and the involuntary drooling period, we headed-out on the cruise.

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The route around Folsom Lake was excellent! Despite being later in the afternoon, with a bit of weekend traffic, the group was able to stick together. The road was smooth and had plenty of turns/elevation changes for those who wanted to partake in spirited driving, but was also relaxed enough for a Saturday afternoon cruise to take-in the scenery.


After the cruise we returned to the Folsom Sports Garage for food and happy hour pitchers. The Camaro and GTO owners all did a great job mingling as we ate; sharing stories and talking about cars/modifications.

Today was a great success! It was nice to make some new friends and the cruise was a reminder of all the beautiful and fun roads that are to be had around the Sacramento area. The phrase I heard most often at the event was, “We have to do this again soon”!

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