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GoatRun 2013: Event Package

Event Package: $50

  • 1 GoatRun 2013 T-Shirt – $18/each additional
  • 1 GoatRun 2013 Decal – $5/each additional
  • 1 Rally Number (maximum of 4 numerals) – $5/each additional
  • 1 Buffet voucher – $25 each additional person Palace Station Buffet Room and Car Show Awards
  • 1 Raffle Ticket – $1 each additional
  • The cutoff date for packages is Wednesday September 11, 2013.

    Packages will be distributed at the Meet ‘N Greet Friday Night (October 4th). Packages are only available for preorder and there is going to be limited quantity. We will NOT be selling Packages at the event.

    Send via PayPal to

    Make payments as a GIFT or you’ll need to need calculate the fees (2.9% + .30 cents per transaction) and send this in addition to your order.

    * * * Important * * *

    Please include the following information in the comment section of your PayPal payment as well as in a post in the GoatRun Package thread:

  • Quantity of each item you are paying for (Packages, T-Shirts, Decals, Rally Numbers, Buffet Vouchers and Raffle Tickets)
  • Shirt size(s)
  • Desired color for BOTH the GoatRun logo decal AND the Rally #
  • Your real name and board name
  • T-Shirt:
    Shirts will be white and 100% cotton. Specify your Shirt size(s) in your order. Remember when you order a GR13 package, it comes with 1ea Shirt. Any additional Shirts ordered will need to be specified with quantity and size. They are $18.00ea.


    Decals are available in Black, Blue, Red or white. Specify your Decal color(s) in your order. Remember when you order a GR13 package, it comes with 1ea Decal. Any additional Decals ordered will need to be specified with color. They are $5.00ea.


    Rally Number:
    Rally Numbers are available in Blue, Red, Grey or white. Specify your Rally Number and color(s) in your order. Remember when you order a GR13 package, it comes with 1ea Rally Number (maximum of 4 numerals). Any additional Rally Numbers ordered will need to be specified with number and color. They are $5.00ea.

    Please check the Rally Numbers thread for available numbers.

    Car Show Buffet & Awards:
    Buffet will be served on-site at the Palace Station Hotel in a reserved room specific to our Event after we conclude the Car Show. The Buffet Includes:

  • Choice of 2 available salads
  • Sandwich or Wrap – assortment available
  • Chips
  • Fresh Fruit Bowl
  • Chef’s Sweet table
  • Refreshments include coffee, Harney & Sons iced teas and hot teas
  • Remember when you order a GR13 package, it comes with 1ea Buffet Voucher. Additional Vouchers can be pre-ordered for $25.00ea. Additional Vouchers will NOT be available at the event.

    Raffle Tickets:
    This year’s Sponsors have been very generous with their donations! Buy additional Raffle Tickets for $1.00/ea to increase your chances of winning. Additional Raffle Tickets WILL be available for purchase at the event.

    NCG Detail Day & BBQ

    Date/Time: September 7th (Saturday) at 11am
    Location: Highline Detail (128 Carlos Drive, Suite F, San Rafael, CA)

    Detail Day this year is at Highline Detail in San Rafael. This shop is owned by Tyler Newman, who also owns a GTO PBM. Tyler would like to get us a wash, interior detail, vacuum and get as many cars cleaned up! For those of you going on Goat Run might be a good time for the interior cleaning! Please RSVP if you can make it and what you can bring to the pot luck BBQ.

    RSVP & Potluck Items:

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