How to join the Nor-Cal Goats

If you are interested in becoming a member, we encourage you to show up at one of our events to introduce yourself and get to know the members of the club. If you’d like to contribute to the future direction of the club you must join Norcal Goats to become an official member of the Nor-Cal Goats with voting privileges.

The annual membership fee for our club is $32.

Benefits from the dues are:

  • You will receive a NorcalGoats calendar/hat/shirt (depending on availability/time of the year)
  • You will receive a NorcalGoats window sticker
  • Fees will help with the following: rental of facilities (as needed), food contributions for events, event contributions (as needed), NCG Calling Cards, NCG Website Maintenance Costs.

If you are interested in more information about the Nor-Cal Goats, please complete the form below and a member will contact you shortly to answer any of your questions, and provide options for membership payment.

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